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Welcome back, you fine ass gentlemen. As you know, we are exploring the different types of oxford shoes as this is the month of October. And for some reason, Octobers are always filled with weddings, especially in Malaysia. Therefore, it is only logical that you will want to wear oxford shoes for wedding. Today, we will go through another type of oxford which is known as a black patent leather oxford.

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In essence, a black patent leather oxford is a type of Oxford shoes that uses patent leather to manufacture. Instead of referring to a specific style, it is referring to a specific leather. Just to give you a very basic picture, it is basically an Oxford shoe with a very shiny, mirror-like finished on the uppers of the shoes.

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How did they achieve that superb mirror finish you wonder? At first, we thought that you can achieve it by brushing and polishing your shoes with wax. If you missed out on our polishing post, you can click here to read all about it. However, our experience has taught us one thing.

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While wax helps to give it a very nice shine, it leaves very hard and rigid surfaces on the shoe layer. This layer once broken due to constant flexing of the shoes (especially at the toe box) can create a very weird texture.

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Upon further research, we found out that patent leather got its name because the original leather is given a coating of lacquer. Usually, the lacquer coating is a type of polymer (Polyurethane). This gives it its distinctive shine.


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