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Type of Oxford Shoes- Plain Toe



Welcome back to our shoe series. These past two months, we will be exploring our favorite shoe, the Oxford shoes. In fact, we have previously explored the history of Oxford shoes here. However, if you still do not understand, let us summarise for you. An Oxford shoe is basically an elegant dress shoe with laces. Similar to our watches, Oxford shoes have evolved in recent years to adopt various styles. Therefore, we will be exploring the types of Oxford design, starting with the plain toe Oxford.

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Just like the name suggests, a plain toe oxford is a simple Oxford design. Ordinarily, an Oxford is a 2 or 3 part leather construction which consists of at least a vamp and quarter, with additional toe cap. Do not worry, we will explore these terms slowly. Therefore, a plain toe Oxford usually consists of just the vamp and quarters, in a 2 piece leather construction.

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Just like the name also suggests, it doesn’t have any perforations or holes punched on the toes. The plain toe oxford is simple, minimalistic and has a slim and smooth appearance. Because of its sleek appearance, it is considered the most elegant and most formal Oxford shoe among all the variations available.


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Usually, people will wear the plain toe Oxford together with a suit for evening dinner wear. However, a black-tie event requires more formality especially if you are going with a Tuxedo. Therefore, the best option to match your dress pants is a pair of black patent leather plain-toe Oxfords.

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