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Type of Oxford Shoes- WholeCut Oxford



Welcome back to our post about the type of Oxford shoes. Previously, we explored the wingtip or brogue shoes in this post. Click here if you missed out on our previous post. Today, we will take a look at another kind of Oxford variation, the Wholecut Oxford. In summary, this is the perfect blend of casual as well as formal Oxford shoes.

Wingtip or Brogue Oxford (Source:




Just like the name suggests, a whole cut oxford is referring to the whole upper portion of the Oxford being constructed from one single piece of leather ONLY. Typical Oxford shoes require multiple layers or pieces of leather which is then stitched together into a seam. For example, you have the vamp which is the front part of the upper of the Oxford, which will combine and be stitched together with the quarters of the shoes.

Anatomy of a dress shoe (Source:

However, a whole cut doesn’t have that. Because the whole uppers of the shoes are constructed from one single piece of leather, it typically requires more leather as compared to conventional oxford shoes. On top of that, there are also fewer seams on the shoes, only appearing on the soles to bond the upper to the soles.

Cole Haan Wholecut Side View (Source:


Cole Haan Wholecut Top View (Source:



Because of this, the whole cut definitely requires a more higher level of craftsmanship when it comes to manufacturing these shoes. Therefore, it only makes sense that it is relatively expensive to buy whole cut shoes. However, whole cut shoes which is properly maintained and cared for can easily last you for many many years. On top of that, you can wear it for both formal and casual wear as well.


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