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Welcome back to another Oxford shoe post. This time, we are going to be exploring even more variation of Oxford shoe styles. In fact, we have explored the plain toe and cap-toe Oxfords respectively in this and this post. Therefore, if you are ready, then let’s dive straight into the wing-tip Oxford. Just for your information, the wing-tip Oxford is considered an Oxford, but not as formal as the previous two styles of Oxford.

Cap Toe Oxford (Source:

Plain Toe Oxford (Source:




Wingtip Oxford is a style of Oxford shoe which features a toe-cap in the shape of a wing. Basically, it is a variation of a cap-toe Oxford, just with additional fancier cap-toe design. Usually, a wingtip will feature cap-toe from the toe which extends to the sides of the shoes. Some manufacturers will add extra detailing to the wings by adding broguing features.

Azzryha Wingtip Oxford (Source:

When you look at the shoes from the top, you can see how the cap-toe extends from the toe to the sides in a wing shape. Other people actually called this shape an elegant M. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what the cap-toe is called. The most important thing is that this a very common style of Oxford and is best dressed casually.

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It is a general unspoken rule of thumb, that the more details that are on a dress shoe, the less formal it is. With the wingtip Oxford, this rule also applies. Even though the wingtip Oxford is a not so formal style of shoes, you still have to choose your style of pants and shirt to pair it with. Here is a tip when wearing wingtip Oxford, always go for tan color Oxford. With a tan color, the combination of light and dark tones really helped to make the wingtip cap toe visible.

Wing Tip with British Tan (Source:

Another tip to make the cap-toe standout is to polish your cap-toe. If you polish the cap-toe properly, you can get that nice mirror-like shine which really helps to make the wingtip cap-toe standout.

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