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Type of Seiko Strap- XGL731

So far, we know that Seiko released a couple of diving rubber straps during the 1960s. An example of rubber straps includes the waffle strap (ZLM01) and also the chocolate strap. Today, we will learn further about the third Seiko rubber strap, the XGL731.

Uncle Seiko waffle strap (Source:

Chocolate strap (Source:



Just like we mentioned earlier, the history of these straps is usually associated with the history of the watches themselves. The first introduction of this strap is in the year 1972 and continue with the Seiko diving watch reference 6159-8110.

Tire tread strap (Source:

Initially, the watch was equipped with the chocolate strap between 1970 until late 1972 for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). It is not until late 1972 onwards, the watch was given the tire tread strap. While for the international market, the same watch reference 6159-8110 only had the waffle strap until the end of its production.


This is the third and last Seiko dive strap which features flat surface properties before Seiko released the revolutionary strap XGL801, the vented dive strap.

Westlake Tire (Source:


The official name is the XGL731 but it also sports a very cute nickname, which is the tire tread strap. This is mainly due to the tire tread patterns on its surface. Next post, we will look at methods to recognize them.












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