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Type of Strap- Milanese

Today, we will go through another type of watch strap which is very popular nowadays and is making a comeback. We are talking about the famous Milanese/ Milanaise/ Mesh watch strap.

Apple watch series 4 with the Milanese bracelet (Source:

The Milanese, just like the Jubilee, Oyster and President is also a watch bracelet. For the most part, the Milanese is made out of stainless steel, but you can also find it in other precious metals like gold, silver or platinum.

Breitling SuperOcean Heritage Series watches are well known with its Milanese bracelet (Source:

Vintage Rolex Datejust with Milanese mesh (Source:

TW Steel MB33 Maverick with Milanese bracelet (Source:


The best part about the Milanese is that it goes well with classic watches as well as modern watches. It is a very flexible and robust bracelet as compared to the traditional Jubilee, Oyster or President.



Milan from Google Maps (Source: Google Maps)

The Milanese bracelet goes back all the way to the 13th century in the little Italian town, Milan. At that time, goldsmiths in Milan have found the technique to make chain mails by meshing metal wires together.

In case you are looking to buy chainmail, you can find in (Source: Amazon)

In case you don’t know, a chain mail is basically wires woven together to form a blanket and is usually worn under the armor of warriors during those times.  The early days, the goldsmiths will use this technique to make bracelets and jewelry accessories as well.


Staib 22mm Polished Stainless Steel bracelet (Source:

Fast forward to 1920s, the famous watch strap German company Staib and Vollmer popularised the usage of Milanese as bracelets in watches. Nowadays many manufacturers are able to produce Milanese but the best quality ones always come from Staib and Vollmer.




I am currently using one watch with the Milanese strap as you can see from the picture below. The watch is a black Hannah Martin crystal black watch with Milanese stainless steel.

From my first impression, the Milanese is surprisingly very comfortable and feels very silky and smooth on my wrist. I was afraid that it will be very uncomfortable as the tiny holes might catch my arm hairs. Surprisingly, it didn’t which is good for those with hairy arms.

Surprisingly, it is much easier to handle this strap as compared to a leather strap. All it takes is just a few steps to fasten the strap. I like how I can confidently adjust the length of the strap to suit my wrist without having to poke any holes on the strap itself.


Also, if you know me I am not really a fan of a leather strap because of the nature of my job and I sweat a lot. If you are looking for a strap that can last long, go for the Milanese. I will link you guys a list of Milanese I handpicked for you if you want to do strap replacement in my next post. Until then, we recommend the Milanese as a strap that every man must have.










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