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Type of Straps-Seiko Chocolate Strap


ZLM01 or the Waffle Strap (Source:

We know that Seiko manufactured the waffle strap, the first strap for diving watches during the 1960s. You can check out our previous post about the waffle strap (ZLM01).

But did you know that Seiko also manufactured another type of strap, known as the chocolate strap? Today, we will learn about the infamous Seiko chocolate strap and its history. And don’t worry, we can guarantee that it doesn’t have anything to do with chocolate.

Chocolate Bar(Source:



Chocolate Strap (Source:

Two years after the introduction of the waffle strap, the Seiko chocolate strap was born. In fact, as we previously saw that we cannot talk about straps without talking about their watches.

Seiko Reference 6215-7000 (Source:

Seiko introduced the dive watch reference 6215-7000 and 6105-8110 series around 1968. At the time, the 6215-7000 series came with the waffle strap from its introduction in 1968 until late 1969.

Seiko Reference 6105-8110  (Source

As for the reference 6105-8110, it was supplied with the chocolate strap between 1970 and late 1972 before being replaced with the new tire thread strap (XGL731).



Movie Apocalypse Now (Source:

Interestingly, the Seiko reference 6105-8110 with the chocolate strap was also seen in the famous movie, Apocalypse now (1979). There were a few scenes in the movie especially when Martin Sheen who plays the characters Captain Benjamin Willard showing off the watch with the Seiko strap.

Martin Sheen (Source:

Apocalypse now Movie Scene (Source:

This is why the strap which is commonly known as the chocolate strap is also given the nickname, “Willard” after Martin Sheen character.




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