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Welcome everyone as we at Drmenstyle embrace the month of December!!! For that, we decided to explore a new section on watches. For the month of December, we will explore the watch case. Of course, this not only means we will be talking about the types of cases but materials and case back as well. Therefore, we will explore the different types of watch cases first. Contrary to popular belief, choosing a watch case is as important as well.




Of course, we will be talking about the most common type of watch cases, which is the round case. It is easily characterized by having an equal diameter from the 3H:9H to the 6H:12H. Take note, that the round case does not include the lugs. Most watch manufacturers will use a round case, as it is the most natural shape for telling time. With a round case, it is only natural that there will be a round dial as well. With a round dial, it is easier to tell the time.

Seiko Tuna with Round Case (Source:

On top of that, a round dial is a perfect shape to place the index markers equally spaced from one another. Furthermore, it is more pleasing to the eyes to see the second marker follow along with the round dial and case. Moreover, round case is for practical purpose, which is to house the early movements, which was in round shape as well. We can go on and on about why a round case is still ultimately the best case, but we cannot cover all of them.




Below we explore some of the watches from brands like Timex, Omega, and others that use round cases for their watch models. If you are looking for a new watch for this Christmas, you can take a look at our selection below.

Timex Chronograph (Source:

Casio MTD1086 (Source:

Akribos XXIV (Source:

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