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Type of Watch Case- Square



Welcome back to another one of our watch case series. In our previous post, we explored the round case, one of the most common shapes for watches. Today, we will explore another type of watch case, which is the square watch case. Contrary to popular belief, a square is also a good shape for a watch, as it looks really elegant. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about the round case.

Type of watch case- Round (Source:




Just like the name suggests, it is referring to a watch in the shape of a square. For it to be defined a square, it must have equal length on all four sides. On top of that, it also must have a straight angle, 90 degrees at every four corners. Therefore, an apple watch with soft edges is still considered as a square watch in our opinion.

Heuer Monaco (Source:

Whenever you think of a square watch, we can’t help to think about Heuer’s Monaco series. Monaco, a men’s chronograph perfectly describes a square watch, with its sleek and minimalistic design as shown above. We especially love the combination of square dials with round index markers. On top of that, we also love the details added on to the sub-dials, making it square as well.




No doubt square watches gives the feel of elegance and luxury as most watches nowadays are round in shape. Therefore, with square watches being less common, the rarity makes it very highly valued. Below is our list of square watches that you can explore for this Christmas.

FEICE Square (Source:

Gucci Square Watch (Source:

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