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Type of Watch Case- Tank



Welcome back to another one of our watch case posts. Previously, we explored the types of a watch case, both round and square case. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here (Round) and here (Square) to read all about them. Today, we will be exploring another type of watch case, which is called the tank case shape. If you are ready, then let’s get reading about this type of watch case!!

Type of watch case- Round (Source:

Type of watch case- Square (Source:



Just like the name suggests, a tank watch is a watch with the case shape of a tank. More specifically, we will think about Cartier’s famous tank watch. Apparently, Louis Cartier, a jeweler was inspired by the shape and design of the French Renault tank during World War 1. From that inspiration, Louis Cartier released the Cartier Tank.

Cartier’s Tank (Source:

Renault Tank (Source:

More specifically, he was inspired by how the Renault Tank looked when seen from the top view, with its chains at the sides. We can summarise the tank as similar to a square-shaped watch, but more elongated vertically. However, it cannot be considered as a rectangular shape either. Therefore, it is a cross between a square and rectangular shape watch.




From there onwards, the Cartier Tank still remains one of the more popular models in the Cartier series. It is a very stunning watch with the dial markers arranged in Roman Numeral from 1 to 12. Not to mention the cabochon infused into the crown makes it more elegant. Did we not mention that the hands of blue steel hour and minute markers as well? Because of Cartier, every watch manufacturer also tried to make similarly shaped watches and called them tank watches. Below is a list of some similar watches in the tank shape.


Seiko SUP880 (Source:

Casio MTP1235D-7A (Source:

Peugeot 14K Tank Watch (Source:




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