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Welcome back to our watch hand series. Today, we are going to explore the Mercedes watch hand, one of the famous recognizable watch hands throughout the world. Just for your information, Rolex is the first watchmaker to adopt this watch hands in their product.

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For your information, the name Mercedes is given because of the 3 point star symbol, which looks like the car logo. In fact, take a closer look at the hour indicator and you will see what we mean. On the hour indicator, there is a large round surface area.  It is exactly this feature which enables Rolex to put a three-pointed star on it.

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However, this watch hand has no relationship with the car brand at all. The only similarity is that both the 3 point star of the Mercedes car and Rolex shows the same meaning. In fact, the meaning of the 3 point star resembles positive energy. You might think that Rolex uses the hands for design purposes as it is unique.

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Besides making their watch products unique with Mercedes’s hand, it is also for a practical purpose. For example, the large round surface area proves to be very useful in improving visibility. In the dark, the large luminous surface area helps to identify which is the hour and minute hands.

Illustration of overlapping watch hand (

On top of that, it is easier to distinguish both hands especially when they overlapped with one another on certain times unlike the baton hands for certain times (e.g. 2:10 PM), overlapping is not a problem for the Mercedes watch hand.




Rolex was the one who started using this Mercedes watch hands in their products. However, nowadays there are other watch manufacturers who also use a similar version, with just some slight variations or differences. No doubt, the Mercedes watch hands are definitely one of the unique factors which can help people to choose Rolex.

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