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Welcome back to our watch hand series. Today, we will explore the Plongeur style watch hands which are very famous among dive watches. Plongeur is actually an original French word, which is referring to a person who plunges. And the only time a person will plunge is when they plunge into a swimming pool or into the deep sea. Therefore, the Plongeur style hands are synonymous with dive watches. In fact, the Omega brand is very famous as most of their dive watch models feature Plongeur style hands.

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One example of watch which features the Plongeur style hands is the famous Omega PloProof series. Here below, we see the Omega PloProof 1200m, featuring the mentioned watch hand style. It is basically a combination of a pencil style hand with a sword hand style. For the hour hand indicator, it resembles a normal baton hand in the shape of a pencil.

Omega PloProof 1200M (Source:

Also, if you notice that the hour hands are noticeably much smaller than the minute hand on the right. As for the minute hand indicator, the minute hand is shaped in the style of a sword or sword hands. Another significant feature of the Plongeur style is the orange color edge of the minute hands.




With the overall size of the minute hands, it is easy for Omega the manufacturer to put a layer of luminous material. In fact, both the hour and minute hand also were applied luminous material. Since its a dive watch, it is only fitting that the minute and hour hands must be glow in the dark for increased visibility. On top of that, the contrast of orange and white color hands help to identify which is which in case both indicators overlapped.

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