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Type of Watch Hands- Alpha Hands



Welcome back to our watch series. Today, we will go through the different types of watch hands, which is most common among different watch manufacturers. Previously, we have already established that analog-type uses watch hands to tell the time. Therefore, today, we will go through the first type of watch hands, starting from the Alpha hands.

Watch Hands Post (Source:



Alpha watch hands can be recognized by its simple triangular design for both the hour and minute hands. In fact, most watch manufacturers will describe it as being the long, straight stem pointing towards the indicator. Then, the narrow tip will widen in the middle, before narrowing down to the base. Usually, this type of watch hands is used for men’s chronograph.

Jaeger Le Coultre with Alpha Hands (Source:



Below are some examples of watches with alpha style hands. Feel free to browse through the list if you are looking for watches with alpha style hands. Until then, enjoy!!

Emporio Armani Hybrid Analog (Source:

Akribos (Source:

Landfox Alpha hand watch (Source:


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