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Type of Watch Hands- Arrow Hands



Welcome back to another watch hands series. Previously, we have gone through the first type of watch hands, known as the alpha hands. Therefore, in order to summarise, alpha hands are the type of watch hands with a straight stem and narrow base triangular shape. Today, we will go through another type of watch hands, known as arrow hands. If you are ready, then let’s get straight to the business about the arrow watch hands.

Type of watch hands- Alpha hands (Source:



From the name, you can probably guess what it is. Arrow shape hands, basically watch hands with pointed arrows at the end. Usually, the arrows are bigger in size in order to tell the time more accurately. On top of that, the large surface area of the arrow hands provides more space for luminous material to be added, further enhancing the visibility at night.

Arrow hands-on Omega Seamaster Professional (Source:

A lot of watch manufacturers love to use this arrow-shaped hands, especially in sports watches or other technical watches (e.g. aviator, dive watch, etc). However, this does not mean that other type of watches cannot use these arrow hands.




Below, here are some examples of watches which is currently using arrow shape hands on the market out there. If you are on the lookout for arrow shape hands watch, you can go through our list below.

Invicta 0074 (Source:

Orient (Source :


Rudiger (Source:

Gucci (Source:

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