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Welcome back to another watch hand series. Like I have previously mentioned, there are a lot of different and various watch hands available, we could not possibly cover it all. However, we can definitely cover some of the most commonly used watch hands available.

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Today, we will go through another type of watch hands, which is the baton-style. Surprisingly, its simple design is enough to attract manufacturers to use this watch hand style because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Therefore, if you are ready, then let’s dive straight into the series.




Just like the name suggests, baton watch hands are a type of style, in which the hands of the watch looks like a baton. When you think of baton, you think of a long uniform stick right? It is the same for baton watch hands. In fact, it is so easy to identify a baton watch hands as it possesses these few similar characteristics;


  1. Thin
  2. Long
  3. Straight
  4. Uniformly shaped from the base to the tip

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It is these exact characteristics which make baton watch hands so simple in design, yet so popular. In fact, a lot of watch manufacturers choose baton-style watch hands to match with dress watches or minimalist watches. The combination of a thin watch body, simple dial and index markers with the baton-style hands makes it the perfect hands to tell time.




There are a lot of watches out there which uses baton hands, therefore it is really hard to cover every single watches out there. However, if you are interested in finding some minimalistic or dress watches with baton hands, you can see our list below. Until then, stay tuned for more watch hands post!!

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