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Type of Watch Hands- Breguet Hands



Welcome back to our watch hand series. Previously, we have already explored a wide variety of watch hands which includes the alpha, arrow, baton, paddle, and pencil hands. If you missed our previous post, you can click on the specific links which are highlighted above.

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Today, we are going to explore another type of watch hands called the Breguet. What? No not the Baguette that you are thinking about. Its Breguet!! Therefore, if you are ready, then let’s get started talking about this wonderfully unique and elegant watch hand design.




First of all, what is a Breguet hand and why does it sound French? Well, Abraham Louis Breguet, which is a renowned French/ Swiss horologist is the inventor of the Breguet hands in the late 18th century. Therefore, the watch hands are uniquely designed and given the name Breguet, named after its inventor.

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The Breguet hand used to be a trademark of Breguet watches, but soon other watch manufacturers started to implement it because of its unique design. In order to identify the Breguet hands, look for long, straight and thin hands. An extra feature of this design is a hollowed circular ring near the tip.




Due to its shape, some manufacturers called the Breguet hands “Pomme”. When you translate the word “Pomme” from French to English, it translates it to like Apple. Therefore, the shape of the hollow ring reminds watchmakers of the shape of an apple. which is where the name came from.

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In our opinion, the Breguet hands is a very unique design which works really well with dress watches or minimalist watch brands. This is because the watch hands are already uniquely designed to stand-out.

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A complex watch will take the spotlight from the Breguet watch hands instead. We certainly do not want that to happen at all!! Also, choose a neutral color looking dial with less surface texture as possible.



Needless to say, Breguet hands are definitely the most beautifully designed watch hands in the world of horology. Therefore, please enjoy our selection of watches with Breguet hands for your eyes to feast upon. Enjoy!!

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