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Type of Watch Hands- Cathedral Watch Hands



Welcome back to the world of tiny watch hands!!! Today, we are going to explore another type of watch hands which is the cathedral watch hands. In case you do not know, we should explain. A cathedral is different than a church because it’s definitely a bigger place of worship. On top of that, a bishop runs the Cathedral according to the custom and tradition of the Roman Catholic. However, the cathedral hands do not have any history whatsoever with any cathedral.

ST. Paul’s Cathedral (Source:



A cathedral watch hands are given to a set of watch hands which looks like the glass windows of a regular cathedral. Similar to the Mercedes watch hands, the cathedral also has a bigger surface area at the hour hand. In fact, the hour hand is given the nickname, the bee hand because it has a body which looks like a bumblebee.

Stained glass window (Source:

The design of the cathedral watch hands was based on the allocation of the luminous material across each hand. The way the luminous material is separated makes it looks like the glass window of the cathedral. Very similar to the Mercedes, this huge surface area also helps to increase visibility in low light areas.

Corps of Engineers (Source:

Bumblebee the insect (Source:



Next to Breguet watch hands, the cathedral watch hands are considered one of the most beautiful watch hands that were created. Originally, military watches implemented the cathedral watch hands for improving visibility. However, nowadays modern manufacturers also started to implement this style into their sports watches as well. Up until recently, manufacturers tried to put their spin on this watch hands with a skeletonized version.

Early Military Watch (

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