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Type of Watch Hands- Dauphine



Welcome back to another series of watch hands. Next following weeks, we will explore each and every part of the watch hands style which are currently available. However, since there is just too many different watch hands style, we will only be specific in our selection. Therefore, we will explore a new type of watch hands, called the Dauphine style hands.

Type of Watch Hands (Source:




Dauphine style hands are easily characterized by its modern and sharp triangular hands for both the hour and the minute. Some might even wonder, what then is the difference between the Alpha and Dauphine hands? Well, it’s true that both of these hands have a large base with a thin stem. However, take notice at the base of the hands.

Dauphine Hands (Source:

For the Alpha hands, there is a thin and straight neck at the base which connects to the hands. However, the Dauphine’s hands do not have a neck. Instead, the base extends past the pinion/ pivot and end at a sharp triangle at the tip.




Dauphine’s hands are a type of hands which was created in the 40s and therefore can be considered a classic style. However, nowadays a lot of watchmakers are starting to bring back the classic watch hand style. If you are interested in searching for watches with Dauphine style hands, take a look at our small list below.

Orient Bambino (Source:

Akribos XXIV (Source:

Citizen Eco-Drive Series (Source:

Sturhling Original (Source:

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