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Type of Watch Hands- Fleur De Lys Hands



Welcome back to our watch hand series!! Though it may appear that there are a lot of watch hands, nevertheless we will try our best to cover the majority of them. Today, we are going to talk about a very rare type of watch hands, called Fleur De Lys. Previously, we explored the famous Plunger hands. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to click on the image below to read all about them. Nevertheless, let’s dive straight in!!

Plongeur Watch Hands (Source:



A Fleur De Lys watch hands is basically a type of watch hands which is designed after a lily flower. The name originates from France, which means Lily flower. Similar to the Breguet watch hands, this is a very common watch hand for dress watches. However, it is really rare to find this kind of watch hands nowadays.

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The style of watch hands is representing the three flower petals of the lily flower. On top of that, all three petals are tied to the bottom at the center. Moreover, the shaft of the watch hands is usually thin and long, giving it a very elegant design to the watch face. For an even more elegant appearance, some manufacturers designed the Fleur De Lys hands in blue steel.

Czapek No. 7 (Source:



Because of the elegant design, it usually pairs really well with dress watches which have a very minimal design on the watch face. In fact, one of the well known Fleur De Lys design is the old and traditional France’s coat of arms. Below is France’s coat of arms which depicts three lily flowers.

France’s Coat of Arms (Source:

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