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Type of Watch Hands- Pencil Hands



Previously, we have explored the different type of watch hands. And if you remember, we have explored a variety of watch hands called the baton hands. In case you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about it. However, if you do not want to read such a draggy article, then we can help to summarise for you.

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In summary, a baton or stick hands is a type of hands which is characterized by long, straight and even body for both minute and hour hands. However, depending on the finishing applied on the edges, baton hands can bring forth many variations. One example of a variation of baton hands is called the pencil hands.



Rose Gold Pencil Hand (Source:

Essentially, a pencil hand is named because of how it is shaped. Exactly like how a normal regular pencil. Nothing much. The way it is shaped is that the body is uniformly shaped in a long straight stick. Then, the hand maker will narrow the body ends to meet each other, just like a pyramid or triangle shape. Though this design is so simple and effective, a lot of people tend to mix them up with other watch hands like the sword for example.


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