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Welcome back to our watch hands series!! Finally, after 10000 years, we are back with a new post about watch hands. Now, we want to constantly remind you again that a watch hand is also a very important part of a watch. Even though it may be considered a small part, it is very important as, without it, you cannot tell the time accurately.  Today, we will be looking at another unique watch hands, which is the snowflake hands!!! Now if you are ready, then let’s dive straight into this post.

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The snowflake watch hands is a watch hand characterized by the hour hand having a diamond shape surface. Because the hour hand is practically a rectangle, the diamond shape helps to give the watch hands its unique characteristics. On top of its unique shape, it is also coated with luminous material for increased visibility.

Tudor Black Bay with Snowflake hands (Source:

The snowflake watch hands is a watch hand which is unique to the Tudor brand only. In fact, most early watch models of Tudor dive watches started using the snowflake watch hands. One of the reasons Tudor adopted the snowflake is to differentiate it from its competitor, Rolex Swiss watchmaking. At this time, Rolex dive watches already started using the Mercedes watch hands.

Rolex GMT Master 2 (Source:

Another reason Tudor adopted the snowflake is for improved visibility. With the addition of the diamond surface, Tudor can apply large amount of luminous material to the watch hands. Therefore, if the hour and minute and overlapped, the user can differentiate which is which. Also, it is very useful for diving when there is a low light condition.


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