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Welcome back to our watch strap series. Today, we will explore the famous Jubilee bracelet by Rolex. Before that, click here to read about the Oyster bracelet if you missed it previously. Now, if you are ready, let’s go!!




Rolex first introduced the Jubilee bracelet in 1945 to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary in the world of watchmaking. In fact, when anyone thinks of the Jubilee bracelet, they will always think of the Rolex Datejust model. On top of that, 1950 Rolex first introduced the Rolex Datejust model with yellow gold Jubilee bracelet.

Rolex Datejust with solid gold Jubilee bracelet (


Originally, the Jubilee bracelet is only available in solid gold. However, with the introduction of the President bracelet in 1956, it is now available in stainless steel and two-tone (stainless steel and gold combination)

Rolex Jubilee bracelets in stainless steel, two-tone and solid gold (

If you compare the Jubilee and Oyster, there are significant differences in their design. Let’s continue to read to find out the key features as highlighted below.



Number of links

Jubilee is easily recognizable with its five-link design. It has three small links which are gold and surrounded by two stainless steel link on the right and left (two-tone model). The three gold links are usually polished while the two stainless steel links are a matte finish.


Rolex Jubilee bracelet in stainless steel (Source:


Loose or compact links

The links are also looser compared to the oyster bracelet links. The links on the oyster bracelet seem more compact and tightly connected which makes it perfect for sports watches. Therefore, a lot of people seem to like the Jubilee because on the wrist it feels more natural and comfortable.

Rolex Jubilee bracelet in stainless steel (Source:

Rolex Oyster bracelet in stainless steel (Source:

Shape of links

From the side, the Jubilee bracelet consists of semi-circular links as compared to the flat and bulky style of the oyster bracelets. With its semi-circular links, it brings out the 3-dimensional look of the bracelet, making it more complex in its design.

MilTAT Jubilee bracelet side view (



From its initial introduction up to now, the Jubilee bracelet has not undergone many changes. Minor changes throughout the years were done for the clasp. Previously, the Jubilee bracelet is equipped with the classic Rolex three-fold clasp.


The classic Oyster clasp (Source:


Other variations such as the concealed crown clasp were also found on the Jubilee bracelets as well. Modern jubilee also comes with the easy link extension system as well.


Rolex Jubilee with hidden clasp (

Datejust with hidden clasp (Source:



Rolex Datejust model(

The words that come to mind with the Jubilee bracelet include luxury, elegant, complexity and high class. Rolex’s intention was to introduce a premium bracelet with its full 18k gold Jubilee bracelet.


Like the oyster bracelet, a lot of watch manufacturers also tried to copy the design of the Jubilee bracelet. If you want to change the looks of your dress watch, click here to check out some of the Jubilee bracelets offered by other companies to go with your watch.



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