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Type of Watch Strap- The “Engineer”

You might be asking me at this time, where do you get all these cool names for watch bracelets? Well, I can promise that I didn’t make up these names. In fact, there is such a thing as an Engineer bracelet. Interestingly, the engineer bracelet does not have anything to do with the engineering professionals, so engineers don’t worry.

Engineering Jobs on Jobstreet (Source:




Super Engineer 2 bracelet for Seiko SKX007 (Source:

It was first believed to be created by Seiko, it is easy to recognize the engineer bracelet. It is a thick, bulky and chunky bracelet. Usually made out of stainless steel, this bracelet is heavy due to its large links. In terms of its width, the engineer consists of large links arranged in a column of five.

Alternating links pattern arrangement of Engineer bracelet (Source:

Even though the links are large and there are a total of 5 links in width, the bracelet doesn’t look crazy big. In fact, the way the links are arranged gives it a condensed look that adds to its unique design.

Pseudo-Hexagonal Shape of Links of the Engineer (Source:

Instead of using flat links like the oyster bracelet, the links of the engineer are cut in an angular pattern. The pattern looks more like a hexagon but can come in a variety of shapes. This gives the engineer an advantage to other bracelets because of its angular 3-Dimensional design.

Oyster bracelet link zoomed up MiLTAT (Source:



Due to its shape and size, a lot of people complaint about tiredness of the wrist when first worn. Also, men with smaller size wrists usually stayed away from this kind of bracelets due to its weight and size. But there is also one good thing about this bracelet type is also due to its size.

Seiko Monster diving watch with Engineer bracelet (Source:

This bracelet is suitable to be matched with watches with large cases especially dive watches. An example of watch matched with the engineer bracelet is the Seiko Monster diving watch above. The size of the watch case fits perfectly well to the size of the large bracelets so it looks very proportional.


If you don’t have a divers watch but you have other big case watches and want to try the engineer bracelet, check out our picks for the engineer bracelet.


22mm Super Engineer 2 by MiLTAT (Source:

22mm Engineer Solid Link Bracelet (Source:

HStrap Engineer Bracelet (Source:








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