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Type of Watch Strap- Zenith’s Ladder Bracelet

The Zenith “Ladder bracelet” is another metal bracelet every watch lovers must know. It is a popular watch bracelet which was first introduced in 1969. In fact, at the time, Zenith loves to pair the famous ladder bracelet with their famous men’s chronograph, the El Primero.

Zenith El Primero A386 (Source:



Zenith Logo (Source:

Not many people know that the iconic and famous ladder bracelet from Zenith is actually a Gay Freres design. If you were following closely on our watch strap series, the name Gay Freres came up many times. Just a little summary, Gay Freres was once a famous metal bracelet watch manufacturer during the early 20th century.

You can recognize an original Gay Freres design by the initials G, F and a ram between them (Source:

Gay Freres was so famous that every big watch brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, and others love to go to GF for their supply of metal bracelets. In fact, GF design and manufacture the ladder bracelet for Zenith. Other metal bracelet designed from GF includes the oyster, bonklip, beads of rice.



Ladder bracelet on Zenith chronograph (Source:

You can guess from the name how it will already look. Just like its name, the ladder bracelet looks like a ladder on your wrists. It is made out of two long links at the sides with one thin link in the middle. On top of that, there are huge gaps between the links to resemble the gaps of a ladder.

Zenith Diver Chronograph A277 (Source:

This GF design gives watches like the Zenith A386 and other models a sophisticated look which combines sporty and dress watch look. Very similar to the oyster link design, the gaps make the bracelet appear more flexible and not as rigid as other bracelets.

Zenith End Links (Source:

Zenith Under clasp (Source:

Zenith Logo on Clasp (Source:

Zenith Ladder 4/69 (Source:

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