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Type of Watch Straps- Tropic Rubber

We have seen leather straps and variations of stainless steel bracelets in the market. While a different type of watch demands a different type of straps, the same goes to rubber straps.

Hummer HM1003-1744M with Suede Leather Strap (Source:


Orient Men’s Ray || Japanese Automatic with Stainless Steel Bracelet (Source:

Indeed, the most popular rubber straps in demand until now are the rubber straps from TROPIC. Originally created in the 1960s, it became synonymous with diving watches and sports watches.

Tropic orange and black straps on Seiko DIvers (



As we have already known, Tropic straps were the first rubber straps manufactured during the 1960s. Originally, the strap was created to replace stainless steel bracelets on a lot of diving and sports watches.

Rolex Submariner with Tropic Strap (

Many popular dive watches like the Rolex Submariner, IC Aquatimer, Longines Legend Diver were wearing the Tropic.

IWC Aquatimer with Tropic (

Tropic’s were popular is because they were able to meet the requirements needed for diving. The requirements include lightweight, cheap and water-proof for diving.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms with Tropic Strap (Source:

It is during the 1950s which a lot of people started taking diving seriously as a hobby. Moreover, the water-proof watch case technology has already matured, since Rolex invented the water-proof Oyster-Case.

Longines Legend Diver (Source:


How to fix a cracked rubber strap with Velcro(Source:

The early rubber straps were not durable, easily cracked and super uncomfortable and sticky due to low breathability. However, the Tropic still remains as the most durable rubber strap until now.

Tropic Strap (

It is the combination of durability and design which attracts people to the brand Tropic. In the next post, we will take a detailed look at identifying a modern Tropic rubber strap.






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