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Types of Watch Straps PART 1



At first glance, it seems like a very straightforward statement. I mean, how hard it is to choose your own strap? But do you know that there are variations of straps available? Also, there are also special “straps”, which are called bracelets/ band, instead of the regular straps.


With so many types of straps available, how can we make the best decision on which type of strap is suitable for our watches? Well, fret not. At, we will try to guide you through the world of watches, namely straps.




A strap is basically any material that is used to secure the case of the watch to the hands of the wearer. It is connected to the lugs (horns of the watch) by a spring bar/ pin. Usually interchangeable, a strap can also sometimes be integrated into the case of the watch itself. These type of watches are known as an integrated bracelet watch.




There are 3 main materials which make a strap, namely leather, plastic or nylon (fabric). Another type of fastener, usually made out of metal is called a bracelet/ band. Basically, though their material is not the same, they all perform the same function, which is to connect the case and its movement to the wrist of the wearer.


Conclusion, a strap functions to connect the case and its

movement to the wrist of the wearer




A leather strap is the most common strap that is available. It is very flexible as it looks good on both office setting as well as formal settings, like weddings, interviews and etc. You will never go wrong with a leather strap, especially with neutral colors like black, tan or brown.

Fossil leather strap 22mm lug width

However, just like any other leather products, extra care must be taken as leather is extremely sensitive to moisture and high temperatures.




Who says leather straps must be boring? Even small details added to the leather strap can make a huge difference in style. Don’t believe me? Check these variations of leather straps for yourselves.


Contrast Stitching leather strap


One method to improve your style is by adding contrasts to the leather strap. Usually, this is done by choosing another color for the stitching, which in contrasts to the color of the leather strap itself. Great combinations include brown-white, black-white or blue-white which makes the color pops!!




Monticello 5212 with black and white contrasts stitching


Double ridged strap

This adds texture to the flat one-dimensional structure of the leather strap. By adding two linear paddings underneath the leather, it creates a double ridged like shape.


This kind of strap design is suitable for watches with a more squarish face, improving its appearance by giving it a sportier outlook.


Rally Strap


These type of straps were originally designed for race car drivers to improve breathability. The strap is usually designed with specific cut-outs and holes to improve airflow around the wrists, preventing excessive sweating. Nowadays, it is used as a fashion statement as it adds a layer of uniqueness to your appearance, especially during the summer. Check out the Invicta Men 19829 S1 Rally watch.




Leather/Denim Mixture


Occasionally, manufacturers love to mix things up. An example is the leather strap covered with denim as shown in this Chelsea 5103 from So&Co Watches. The top layer is covered with denim, the material commonly used for your jeans, while the bottom layer is made out of genuine leather. This unique variation provides some protection to the strap as the outer layer is most exposed to elements which could destroy leather. (Moisture, heat)



Leather straps, while they are nice to look at and adds a more renowned feeling to the wearer, isn’t always very practical. This is true especially when it comes to professionals who work off-site a lot and exposes the watch to heat and humidity. (Technicians, engineers and etc).


Leather doesn’t really go too well with moisture and heat for long periods of time, which is why different types of straps were designed. In the next chapter, we will explore other types of straps. In the meantime, stay tuned.



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