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Vital Information That You Should Know About Aniline Leather!!



Welcome back to another aniline leather post. Previously, we explored the defintion as well as some properties of high-quality leather. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here and here respectively to read all about it. Today, we will be exploring some vital and very important information. Just like when you are buying a car, the easy part is driving it. The hard part is maintaining it. Being one of the highest quality leather in the market, it only makes sense that you will want to maintain it. If not, you can kiss goodbye to that very expensive leather of yours.

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It is very important to know that as high-quality leather, they flake very easily. This is especially true when you expose the aniline leather to the sun or extreme heat. What happens is that the extreme heat from the sun or other sources will cause the moisture inside to dry out. Therefore, the leather will feel very dry, coarse to touch and also fading in their color.  That is why it is important to ensure that you keep the aniline leather in a cool and dry place.

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On top of that, it is not very good at resisting stains, even a little water stain can leave permanent stain marks on the surface. This is partly due to the lack of protective coating, but also partly due to their porosity. Because aniline leather retains its natural pores, the leather is extremely porous. Therefore, it easily absorbs water droplets or other molecules.

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One of the methods to really distinguish if its aniline or non-aniline leather is to do the water test. Place a drop of water on the surface. If it is really aniline leather, the droplets will be easily absorbed, leaving a mark. However, other non-aniline leather will not absorb the water droplets. Instead, they will just float.

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It is also one of the leathers which require the highest maintenance as compared to other types of leather. It is recommended to regularly use a dry towel or cloth to clean up the surface dust. If you decided to use a leather cleaner, you cannot just simply use any kind of cleaner. It has to be aniline leather friendly.

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On top of that, you have to purchase leather conditioners as well. In order to ensure that the leather is soft and supple, you have to consistently apply the conditioner. If not, it will lose its moisture and dried up, beyond repair.




One more vital information is that aniline leather is not very consistent in terms of color. This is because different parts of the leather absorb the dye at different rates. Therefore, expect a richer color but less consistency, with some areas darker tone, and some with a lighter tone. However, this doesn’t mean that is bad quality leather. This makes it a more attractive option as it is a sign that you are buying genuine aniline leather.

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