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Watch of the Week #16- Seiko Coutura Series



Welcome back to week 16th of our watch of the week series. Today, we have a special treat for you, as we will explore the watch of week number 16, Seiko Coutura. Now, if you ready, then let’s explore and break down pieces by pieces of the Seiko Coutura.

That’s how excited we were when we first saw this watch



Firstly, let’s talk about the material of the watch. Overall, stainless steel is used as the main material. Everything from the watch case, to the integrated Seiko bracelet, is stainless steel. On top of that, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is the material for the watch’s crystal. Lastly, this watch’s fold-over clasp with Seiko logo is also stainless steel.

Seiko Integrated bracelet (



This Coutura series uses Seiko’s own in-house caliber 8B92, which is not a standard 3 hand chronograph movement. This movement has a date function on the 4.5 o’clock, with 24 hours indicator, signal indicator/ second indicator and minute indicator as well. To see more info about the caliber 8B92, you can check out the specifications and dimensions here.

Caliber 8B92 Technical manual (Source:



We have to be honest here, but our first impressions of this watch are that it a very elegant watch, for a sports watch. It is pretty obvious that Seiko was aiming for elegance while maintaining the sportiness aspect of a sports watch with the gold and silver hue. Now, where do we even begin with this somewhat sophisticated looking sports watch?

How it looks on hand (Source:

If we were to start, we will begin with the bezel, which stands out first. Surrounding the bezel is gold hue’s on the sides, with a grey color face on the front of the bezel. On top of the bezel, are indicators of different country time zone with the abbreviation. (E.g. SYD for Sydney). Just a little inner part of the dial, there is a small but noticeable portion of the dial in black which displays the time in 25 different time zones from the UTC time zone at 12 o’clock.

Front view (Source:

Next, we will talk about the dial. The main dial is black in color, with a total of 3 sub-dials on the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position. At the 3 o’clock position, there is a 24-hour indicator sub-dial, covered in gold and black. For the 6 o’clock position, there is a minute indicator for the chronograph function. Now, here comes the cool part. Notice that the 9 o’clock position has two different hand indicators.

Side view (Source:

Well, that is because the 9 o’clock sub-dial serves as not only the chronograph second indicator, but it also acts as a display to tell you the strength of the radio wave signals. Indicators like H, L, Y, and N means high, low, yes and no respectively. Therefore, one hand will be used to indicate radio signal strength, the other will act as the second hand when the chronograph is activated.

Dauphine hands (Source:

Arrow pointed hands (Source:

Another cool feature of this watch is the hands. Notice how Seiko used two different types of hands. For the minute hands, Seiko decided to use skeletonized dauphine hands with luminous material. On the hour hand, Seiko used a skeletonized arrow shape hands. Moreover, the minute indicators are different sizes and shapes to give the watch personality.

Cabochon (Source:

Lastly, Seiko decided to add more details to the screw-down crown by adding a cabochon. From the sides, you can either see a ruby or similar property gem attached to the crown. On top of that, there are a total of 4 pushers on the sides of the watch with gold tones.



Let’s talk about the overall dimensions of the watch. Firstly, this watch case diameter is 44.5 mm from the 3H:9H and from 6H:12H. Secondly, the case thickness from the crystal to the case back is approximately 11.5 mm thick. Moreover, this watch also comes with a 26.3 mm width integrated Seiko bracelet. This is definitely not a very common dimension, especially for the metal bracelet width.

Dimensions guide (Source:



Other information about this watch is that is has a water resistance of 100m and it has an incorporated solar cell inside the dial. This solar cell helps to recharge the rechargeable batteries of this watch, with a total power reserve of 6 months!! On top of that, this movement uses radio signals to help sync the time and date of this watch.


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