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Watch of the Week # 19- Neymar Dive Watch



Welcome back to week #19 of our watch of the week series!! Today we are a little bit excited to present to you one of the Neymar 44mm dive watches. To summarise, this Neymar 44 mm dive watch is a very affordable dive watch with very stunning first impressions. In fact, look no further than the Neymar 44 mm diver if you are looking for a dive watch in the market.

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First of all, let’s talk about the material of this watch. Overall, the watch is made from 316L grade stainless steel, which is very corrosion resistant. Examples of stainless steel including the watch case, case back, bezel as well as the oyster style bracelet. On top of that, this watch uses an imported sapphire crystal glass of 5mm in thickness for that extra scratch resistance.

Sapphire glass (Source:

Oyster 22mm bracelet (Source:



Talking about the dimension of the watch, the Neymar 44mm spots a 44mm diameter from the 3H:9H and 6H:12H. On top of that, the overall thickness of the case from the crystal to the case back is 16.5mm thick. Moreover, it also sports a 22mm wide oyster style bracelet which is required for every dive watch. Other notable mentions include the hefty 250g of weight, which is also stated to be suited for men 160 pounds and above!!

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The Neymar 44 mm divers use a Japanese Time Module NH35 caliber. This is a 3 hand movement with date function at 3 o’clock. On top of that, it comes with 24 jewels, vibrating at 21,600 vibrations per hour. More information can be found on the manual for this Time Module Nh3 series.

Time Module N3 Series (Source:



Ohohoho!! Now we are getting into the juicy parts!! Now let’s start talking about this dive watch and we are so excited!! If you are ready, then let’s dive straight get it? HAHAHA!!




The first thing which really caught our attention is the attention to details of the bezel. The Neymar 44mm spots a black coating stainless steel bezel. On top of the bezel, there are index markers which indicated minutes. Only the 12 o clock indicator is a reversed triangle. On top of that, the bezel is able to rotate in one direction for 120 clicks.

Front View (Source:



At first thought, the dark black matte dial looks like just any ordinary dive watches dial, especially the Seiko Tuna. Similar to most dive watches, the minute indicators consists of shapes of round, triangle as well as a triangle. Each of these minute indicators is coated with a layer of Superluminova, a glow in the dark coating. A blue super luminova coating is also applied on the back of the dial which glows blue color. The purpose is to enable perfect visibility under low light conditions.

Super Luminova Dial (Source:

Furthermore, you can also see the aperture on the 3 o’clock for the date indicator. Other notable mentions include the Mercedes watch hands with a lollipop hands on the second indicator, also similar to the Seiko Tuna. You can also find the wordings of Neymar, Automatic, and the depth rating of 3300 feet or 1000m on the dial.




This watch also stated sports an oyster style bracelets, with its three links configuration. On top of that, they are also using a regular tri-fold clasp. Other notable details include the Neymar wording on the surface of the clasp.


Back View (Source:



Since its a diving watch, its only natural we mention the helium escape valve on the 9 o ‘clock index. You can see an escape valve, which is particularly useful for deep-sea diving. However, nothing can beat the Seiko Tuna dive watch, as it does not have any helium escape valve. Also, you can see the logo for Neymar brand imprinted on the huge winding crown at 3 o’clock.

9 o’clock side view (Source:

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