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Watch of the Week #2- D1 Milano

Welcome back to the series watch of the week. In the first week, we have discussed the Thomas Sabo-Rebel Race. Today, we want to take a look at D1 Milano-SKBJ02 automatic watch. Are you ready? Let’s go!!

                                                                  Thomas Sabo Rebel Race (Source:





D1 Milano (Source:

In terms of the appearance, stainless steel is the main material which comprises of the case, the bezel, even to the integrated bracelet. On top of that, the skeletonize case at the back helps the user to appreciate the gears and its movement.

Back View Skeletonized (Source:

To make the watch stand-out more, the stainless steel parts of the watch undergoes gun-metal finishing to give it that shiny look.


In terms of its face, the watch comes with a baton-stick hand which is also made out of stainless steel. Next, we take a look at the hour index. From the top, it looks flat however you can make out the shape of the triangular prism at an angle.


Front View Skeletonized (Source:

Triangular Prisms (Source:

Watch Hands (Source:

The skeletonized dial on the front and back goes very well when it is equipped with mineral glass crystal, so you can appreciate the gold and silver shade of movements. With this watch, you can definitely stare at it while observing every movement, every gear, every spring and etc.

Skeletonised Dial (Source:


The D1 Milano is equipped with the Japanese movement NH70A from Time Module. A quick search on the internet can tell you about the specifications but I will summarise for you.


Side View (Source:

It has an outdoor diameter of 27.40 mm and a case diameter of 27.00 mm. The total height of the movement is 5.32mm from the bottom to the top.

Drawing 2 (Source:

Skeletonized Back (Source:


Rotor Drawings (Source:

On top of that, it has a total of 24 jewels and an accuracy of between -20 to +40 seconds per day. Vibrating at 6 vibrations per day, it can vibrate up to 21600 vibrations per hour. On a single winding of the watch, it can last up to more than 41 hours before needing to be wind again.



Initial impression of this watch reminds me of how similar it looks like to the Patek Philippe Nautilus. In terms of appearance, it seems to copy style by style from the roundish angular bezel to the integrated bracelet of the Patek.

Aesthetic Wearing D1Milano(Source:

Patek Philippe 1976 (Source:

D1 Milano SKBJ02 (Source:

However, we still stand firm that Patek is King and while the D1 Milano cannot be compared, it has its attractive qualities as well. If you want to have a watch which looks like the Patek but yet at 1/10th of the price, the Milano not only looks good but is very functional as well.
















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