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Watch Movement. How Well Do You Know Your Watch?

Watch movement

No matter how technologically advance smartphones have become, there is nothing like reading time from your watch/ timepiece. There is something unique about watches, that still attracts men and women to buy a watch and proudly showing off to their friends and families.


Imagine this. When you bought a Fossil watch that not only looks good, affordable and fits your requirements. The first thing we want to do is to take a picture and post it on your Instagram, Facebook and etc.


Why? Because a watch helps to tell the whole world that you are proud of your watch and everybody should come and see for themselves this good news!! What is this good news? That You have bought this AMAZING watch.


But with a lot of options of watches out there, how can you ensure that the watch that you bought, is the correct one for you? Well in order to find out, first we need to UNDERSTAND our watch.


What is a Watch “Movement”?


Have you ever clicked on an online store to search for watches and you scroll down to the description/ details of the watches you want to purchase. And you see this word, Movement.

Watch movement


And you tell yourself? What is this Three Hand Swiss Quartz  515 “Movement”? Don’t worry, let us explain so that you can understand better. Basically, a movement of a watch is the “engine” of the watch.  Just like how a car is powered by its engine, a watch is powered by its movement. 


The movement makes the watches hand’s tick. It helps the user like us to set the date and time on a watch. It powers other functions of a watch like a chronograph, moon phase and etc. But if we would summarize, a movement helps a watch, becomes a watch.


Then the next question on your mind is “Why do I need to know the movement of my watch”?


Simple. It is because its movement will determine the price, quality, design and other factors which attracts you, as the customer to buy the watch. Why are some watches more expensive than others? Are there any differences in watch movements? Are mechanical movements better than quartz movements?


All these questions can be answered by knowing its movement. If you are curious to know more about watches, its movement and etc, don’t need to worry. At, we will help you to understand your watch better.


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