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What Are Oxford Shoes?



Previously, we learned about the oxford shirt and its history. Therefore, if you missed out on our previous post, we gladly will help to summarise for you. In summary, an oxford shirt is a variation of the plain weave, normally worn in informal dress code situations. Although the oxford shirt shares the same name as the English city of Oxford and the university, it doesn’t originate from there.

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However, today’s topic, which is the oxford shoes does originate from Oxford, London. In fact, it is because of the Ivy League students during the 1950s, the Oxford shoes became popular. Therefore, what exactly is a pair of oxford shoes and why is it so popular? Well, you can read here to find out more.




An Oxford shoe is also called a formal dress shoe. In fact, the oxford is a pair of shoes which most people will definitely grab when they are attending a formal event. Usually, they come in brown, tan or black leather for the top, with a variety of materials used for the bottom. It is easily recognizable as it sports a very sleek and elegant design, unlike most shoes.

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As a shoe fanatic, it is easy to recognize the Oxford shoes. However, if you do not know what I am talking about, fret not. A typical oxford shoe looks like this as shown above. The first method to recognize an Oxford is the low heels on the bottom. Unlike boots, Oxford shoes have very low heels.

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On top of that, the Oxford cuts below the ankle, making it a low top shoe. Just like regular low top sneakers, it is advisable to wear ankle socks or hidden invisible shoes. Remember, never to wear anything above 1 inch and above the ankle.

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Lastly, the oxford is distinguishable with its lacing system. Not all Oxford looking shoes are classified as Oxford. With Oxford shoes, the lacing system is a closed system. On top of that, take notice of the way the laces are tied, in a parallel fashion from the bottom eyelet to the top.

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