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What are the Different Types of Leather?



With the wedding season coming, it is time to try out our pair of shiny new Oxford. After all, the point of wearing them is to show off your elegance, and possibly how much you can afford it. While it is nice to wear Oxford shoes, not all of them are made with the same leather quality. Therefore, it is very important to know about the different types of leather as well.

Whole cut Oxford (Source:



Well, there are basically different kinds of leather, which definitely have different kinds of grades. To ensure that you are able to maximize your leather with your accessories, you need to be able to distinguish the best grade of leather. However, the quality of leather generally depends on a few factors.

Calfskin leather (

The factors which determine the quality and grade of leather will depend on the physical location and climate, the types of animal and breed, which layer of the hide you are taking the leather from and which portion of the animal you obtain the hide or leather from.




Depending on which portion of the animal the hide was taken, a different portion has different grades. As you can see from the diagram below the best grade, Grade 1 leather actually at the area behind the animal, just a small portion. These are the layer whereby the leather’s fiber are more solid, and therefore more resistant to water. Increased water-resistant helped to ensure that the leather does not swell up. However, it is also definitely the most expensive of all.

The portion of the hide (Octane )

As for grades 4, which is considered the lowest quality grade of leather, these leather have the softest fibers of the leather. Therefore, these area’s especially the underbelly and the surface around the face are the weakest quality. This is because it is the area that is most often exposed to bite marks, scars, and wrinkles.

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