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What are the Disadvantages of Cotton as a Fashion Garment?



Welcome back to part 3 of our cotton series for men’s fashion garment. In our previous post, we explored the benefits of cotton as a garment material. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to learn more about it. Today, we will be exploring the disadvantages of cotton material. Just like most material, they all have their benefits and disadvantages. By learning about the pros and cons, we can make a better-informed decision. Therefore if you are ready, then let’s head straight to the post!!

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While it is true cotton material is amazing in absorbing dyes and moisture, this can be a double-edged sword as well. For example, this means that it is easier for cotton to get stained. While most materials are able to stain as well, if you do not pre-treat it before washing, it will be harder to remove them. The end result is that you have shadow stains left behind.

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Cotton, while it is a very soft material, is not very wrinkle resistant. In fact, care must be taken after the machine washed to prevent wrinkling by ironing. However, there are some methods employed to at least reduce the wrinkling on cotton shirts and pants. One such example is to add the flexible polyester threads together with cotton threads.

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Shrinking is a phenomenon that happens when the shirt shrinks after being washed by hot water and placed immediately into cold water. Similarly, cotton material also has a tendency to shrink, especially when it is first being washed. Therefore, it is always advisable to the pre-wash cotton fabric first before sewing them into any garments.



Cotton, especially with a low-quality one has a tendency to show defects after some washes. One such defect is called piling. In piling, the cotton threads will form balls which are very small and tiny. Another possible defect is tearing and snagging, especially when it comes in contact with a sharp object. However, these defects are less common with higher quality cotton-like Egyptian or Pima cotton.

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