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What Are Watch Hands?



Have you ever thought, why would someone make a post about watch hands? I mean, they are not one of the most complicated parts of a watch. Though they only make up a small portion of a watch, nevertheless watch hands have one of the most important functions in a time-piece. Think of it like one of the organs of the body, the kidney.

Our initial reaction studying about watch hands

Even though they are probably very small, they do provide a very important function to keep your body free from toxin and heavy metal. Similarly, while it is one of the smallest parts of a watch, it does provide a very important role.

Seiko Coutura Hands (Source:

However, what exactly are watch hands? Watch hands are an important part of a watch, which is usually fabricated from thin sheets of metal. One of the main reasons manufacturers creates watch hands is to tell the time more accurately. Besides that, watch hands provide extra details to the watch, enhancing the watch.  However, there are some mechanical watches which do not rely on hands to tell the time.




There are a great number of watch hands available in the market, that this post alone couldn’t cover it. However, these are just some common watch hands that are easily available. The list is not arranged in any order or whatsoever.


  • Alpha hands
  • Dauphine
  • Baton/ stick hands
  • Chandelier
  • Lance
  • Pencil Hands
  • Skeletonised Hands
  • Sword Hands

Dauphine hands (Source:

Arrow pointed Hands (Source:

Mercedes watch hands (Source:



Besides using watch hands to tell the time, there are definitely different methods to tell time. Some watches use a liquid crystal display (LCD) technology to tell the time. Others, tell the time by moving the dial itself instead of the hands. (*Fixed Hands). If you are a little more daring, you can combine the hands and digital display in an ani-Digi watch (Analog-digital watch).


Casio  GA-800BR-1ADR (Source:

Casio GW9400 Rangemen (Source:

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