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What If I Can’t Identify My Watch Movement?



Sometimes, do you ever notice a pattern among watch manufacturers? Instead of putting the exact movement model, they put general terms to describe the watch. For example, terms like “3 Hand Automatic Movement”, “Japanese Miyota Movement”, and others.


Generally, these terms are good at telling you the type of movements. (Mechanical, Automatic, Quartz). However, they will not tell you its identity. A well-informed gentleman knows the identity of his watch like the back of his head. After all, it is the identity of the watch which helps the gentleman in making the final decision of purchasing a watch.


I like to call these watches, missing identity watches. An example of missing identity watch is shown in the picture below.

What If I Can't Identify My Watch Movement?

Fossil Commuter Chrono FS5504




From the picture above, we only know that this watch runs on a “3-Hand Quartz Movement”. It doesn’t really tell us anything other than that. Of course, by looking at the watch, we can make some conclusion. Some of the features include having 3 hands, a date window, and 3 sub-dials as it is a chronograph.


Unlike the Stuhrling Agent 768 with Ronda 515 Quartz Movement, we cannot determine more information. Information like battery lifespan, number of jewels, power saving features and etc. These are important information hidden from users, which can be useful for maintenance of the watch.




If at this point, you still are not aware of your watches movement model number, don’t worry. Most of the time, by googling your watch model online, the information will be readily available to you. However, if you encountered watches with missing identity, do not worry. I will always be here to help.


Most of the time, the movement identity can be identified by removing the cover of the watch. The video below shows an example of finding the watch identity of a Fossil watch. By removing the back cover, I managed to found out that the watch identity is the Chinese movement SL68.





What If I Can't Identify My Watch Movement?

Movement SL68 (Source:


Therefore, now I can do research about the movement SL68, and its identity, just by opening the cover of the watch. By just typing SL68 Watch movement in Google, we can already identify the country it was manufactured, the jewels, and other necessary information. At the end of the day, a watches identity will help to determine various factors in watch purchasing, that includes its price as well.


So what are you waiting for? Go on and take this time to study more about your watches identity. If you cannot obtain the information easily, then open the back cover, only if necessary. Until then, stay tuned for my next post which I will be sharing about watch complications.




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