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What is A Full Grain Leather? – Full Grain Leather Wallet



Hello and welcome to another new series, whereby we will be exploring the subject of leather. Why are we going to explore leather you ask? Well, in case you do not know, October seems to be a busy month for Malaysians. This is especially true for couples who are tying the knot. Therefore, wedding requires a level of formality correct? Which means oxford shoes, dress shirts, and leather accessories.

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However, not many people understand leather. In fact, i can guarantee that 90 % of your leather accessories have the word Genuine leather. If you think that genuine leather products are the highest quality product, think again. Therefore, this post on leather is meant to educate our viewers about leather and its grades.




Full grain leather, is the part of the leather which is the most strongest and durable leather, even better than genuine leather. In fact, full grain is used to refer to the outermost layer of the animal hide, just below the hair. Because this layer is at the outermost of the animal hide, it makes sense that it has to be tough and strong. One of the reason is to protect the animal itself.

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On top of that, this is the part of the hide which have all of the natural grains on the leather. Not only do the natural grains provide the strength and durability, you can also see the natural grain patterns on its surface. This means you can expect to see all the natural scars, blemishes, fat lines, (cellulite) and etc.




A lot of people have misunderstood full grain leather by its name. Therefore, a lot of people will think that a full grain leather has a very grainy or pebbling surface texture, which is not necessarily the case. Due to its toughness and uniqueness of the surface, it is a highly prized raw material for making leather products.

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