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What is A Full Grain Leather? Part 2- Full Grain Leather Wallet



Welcome back to another post on full-grain leather. Last week, we managed to explore the definition of full-grain leather. However, if you missed out on our previous post, you can click the link here to read all about it. If you feel that going to read one by one is too bothersome, we will help you to summarise. Basically, it is the leather taken from the top of the outermost layer of the animal hide. Today, we will explore further the characteristics of full-grain leather.


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As previously mentioned, full-grain leather products are very strong and durable. In fact, it is strong and durable because of the natural fibers inside the grains. Being one of the highest quality leather, it preserves the density of the grains. On top of that, most full-grain leather uses the whole thickness of the animal hide. All of these contribute to full-grain leather being very thick and tough.


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Therefore, most leather products which require durability and is able to withstand wear and tear in rough environments usually uses full-grain. However, one of the disadvantages of being very tough is that it is very hard to manufacture. On top of that, full-grain leather is also very rare, making up about 10-15% of the animal hide. It is this combination of factors that make the full-grain leather more expensive.

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On top of that, most full-grain leather is very breathable, so you do not have to worry about excessive moisture from prolonged contact with the skin. The natural fibers in the grains together with the pores helps to ensure that it is breathable, as well as being able to absorb natural oils from our skin. On top of that, it ages very well, developing a nice patina over time.


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