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What is a Top Grain Leather?- Top Grain Leather Wallet



Welcome to another post on leather, where we go crazy on anything leather. Previously, we explored the definition of full-grain leather and our top 3 full-grain leather pick for week #1. If you missed out on both posts, you can click here and here to read all about them. Therefore, today we will be exploring another type of leather, which is known as the top grain leather. Besides full-grain leather, a lot of manufacturers also like to use top-grain leather for various reasons. One of the reasons is that it is cheaper to manufacture as compared to full-grain leather.


Top 3 Men’s Full-grain leather wallet (Source:


Definition of full-grain leather (Source:



If you remembered, we talked about the 3 main layers of an animal hide, which includes the grain, the junction as well as the corium layer. To simplify, please see below the diagram which shows the 3 general layers of an animal hide. The grain layer is where the top grain leather is taken from.

Cross-section of leather (Source:

Unlike full-grain leather, a little bit of surface modification or surface alteration is done to the upper layer of the leather. Example of surface alteration which includes sanding, buffing, snuffing and et.c. In doing so, you will have a more flat and uniform leather surface, hiding away the scars and marks.




However, the term top grain is a little too general as a lot of people misunderstood the meaning of top grain. Just because it has the word top in it, it doesn’t mean that it is of a higher quality than full-grain leather. Therefore, know what you are buying before you dive into the world of leather. Stay tuned for our next post as we help you to pick our top 3 Top grain leather accessories.

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