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What is Aniline leather?



Welcome to another series on leather. These few weeks, we are still in the leather season. And it seems that the wedding seasons are still not showing any signs of weakness, we think it’s appropriate to dedicate this post to leather. Previously, we learned about the definition of full-grain leather as well as top grain leather. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here and here to read all about it respectively. Today, we will be talking about the highest quality leather, aniline leather.


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Aniline leather is a term given to leather which has undergone a special dyeing process, called the aniline dye process. During the tanning process, most leather are dyed with a special coating or protective pigment for the surface finishing. We can go on to talk about the various reasons for dyeing, but we will not do that today.

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Now, instead of dyeing the leather with pigment coating, the leather is dyed in an aniline dye solution instead. Unlike the pigment coating, the aniline is translucent. On top of that, it is also water-soluble, unlike the insoluble pigment coating. As a result, the leather looks very elegant and luxurious, with a richer color scheme.



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Most people will regard aniline leather as one of the highest quality leather, even better than a full-grain leather and top grain leather obviously. It is because of the aniline dye process which helps to bring out the best and high-quality properties of the aniline leather. However, it is also one of the more costly leather. Therefore, most manufacturers reserve aniline leather for more luxurious products, which include handbags, wallets, shoes and etc.




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