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What is Short Staple Cotton?



Most people are familiar with the cotton shirt or the white, fluffy ball used for stopping bleeding. However, a lot of people may not know this information. In fact, the cotton used in stopping bleeding is not the same as the cotton used for some clothes. In fact, just like leather, cotton is graded according to their requirements and physical characteristics. Out of all the physical characteristics, the most important is the length of the fibers themselves. Today, we will learn about the first type of cotton, short-staple cotton. If you missed out on our previous post, you can click here to read all about them.

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The most important characteristics of cotton are the staple length. In other words, the cotton fiber length itself. Different varieties of cotton have different staple lengths. However, most cotton is divided into three major categorize depending on the staple length. Today, we will be talking about the short-staple cotton. Short staple cotton is referring to any cotton with a fiber length of 1.1325/18mm or less. In fact, 90% of the world’s cotton production is the short-staple cotton. One example of the uses of short-staple cotton is in the production of denim blue jeans.

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While cotton is widely cultivated nowadays, there are different short-staple cotton varieties as well. American Upland cotton, is one of the most common short-staple cottons. Besides that, we also have a higher quality of Acala cotton as well as the common Asia short-staple cotton. With the variety of cotton available, choosing the right product becomes harder. Nevertheless, we at will help you to explore each cotton in detail.

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