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Why Should I Buy a Tropic Strap?

While wearing a watch with rubber straps may not look as fancy as a leather strap on a dress watch or as sporty as an oyster bracelet, it still nice to have a pair of rubber strap.

Orient Divers (Source:

Invicta Dress Watch (Source:

D1 Milano (Source:



Silicone Strap (Source:


Rubber Strap (Source:

If you are someone who loves to change it up a bit and dress up your watch, a rubber strap is a more cost-efficient method. To replace rubber straps is cheaper as compared to a leather or even the more expensive metal bracelets.

Metal Bracelet  (Source:




Also, rubber straps are also more comfortable as compared to leather or metal bracelets especially during long periods of usage. It is not as heavy as some of the metal bracelets like the “engineer”.

Engineer Bracelet (Source:

NATO Strap (Source:

On top of that, it doesn’t absorb moisture like NATO or leaves an uncomfortable sticky feeling like a leather strap. That being said, not all rubber straps are created equal and the quality depends on a lot of factors.




One of the best things about rubber straps is the design. Different manufacturers use a wide variety of process and molds to form rubber straps.

Tropic Rubber Strap (Source:

Waffle Strap (Source:


You can find rubber straps with endless types of patterns and designs from the classic Tropic basket weave design and Big Hole to the “Seiko Chocolate bar” rubber strap.

Chocolate Bar (Source:

Big Hole Rubber Strap (Source:




Depending on the material and finishing, different rubber straps have different levels of durability. In general, rubber straps of today are mostly made from synthetic rubbers like Isofrane and Isoprene, which should be the most durable.

But in general, rubber straps are pretty durable and would rank lower than metal bracelets but much higher than leather straps. At the end of the day, it also must depend on how you take care of the strap as well.


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